parma yoga classes in Shanghai

Dr. Mahender Singh

PHD in Yoga

Hony. Vice President of Parma Yoga institute.

More than 20 years experience in Government Higher Education Dept.
Former Principal of Govt. college of Yoga Education and Health, Chandigarh
Former Joint Director (Sports) Chandigarh Administration Chandigarh .
Awarded by Governor of Haryana.

Recently awarded by Governor of Punjab -cum-Administrator of Chandigarh for meritorious services. He’s associated with Parmayoga institute since 1996
Vice President & Hony. Secretary of numerous yoga & Sports associations .

parma yoga classes in Shanghai

Dr. Varun veer

PH D in Yoga

Senior yoga Teacher of parmayoga institute. He is closely associated with THPI of Rehabilitation Sciences and St. John’s Ambulance Association as an esteemed member. He has been honoured by Jagad Guru Shankracharya Shri Vasudevanand Saraswati Maharaj on behalf of Samraat Harshwardhan Daan Mahotsav samriti in 2014. His efforts have been appreciated by Holland Television and radio as well. Not only this, Profoundly impressed by this noble initiative, the Voice of America , Washington D.C broadcasted his Yoga sessions.

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Shubhra Wadhawan (SHUBH)


A Karma Yogini by profession. Shubhra was born and brought up in a spiritual family. She gained and received her basic traditional yoga training as a child in Kurukshetra (most renowned and famous place of karma yoga) in India. She learned yoga from several yoga masters. Shubh has a strong educational background by achieving Master Degree in Social Work along with Master Daegree in Yoga and Meditation. She has also completed Parma Yoga Teacher Training Course by mastering in various yogic techniques including Hatha, Flow, Yin,Kundalini & Pregnancy Yoga and other traditional & latest styles of modern Yoga.

Shubh has also gained experience by working with Red Cross Society of India counseling difficult and distraught individuals and their families (drug addicts, socio- economically weaker groups, e.t.c.). Using her knowledge and experience, she has helped them to channel their abilities into a positive stream of life. She was teaching yoga in China and now is conducting yoga courses in India.

Shubh has been a practicing yoga fellow with Yoga Master Sri Kawaljeet Singh Yogi since 2003. She has been a yoga demonstrator and a personal assistant to Kawal Yogi, during his various Yoga projects: Yoga Is a Skill In Action, World Yoga Shows and Expo in the U.S.A. She is also a member and senior yoga teacher of Manav Sanskriti Vikas Kendra (Regd.).

parma yoga classes in Shanghai

Sham Sunder Sharma

Professor in political science and scholar in Sanskrit

As deep interest in yoga ancient Indian political thought and different aspect of spiritual tradition in india. He’s associated with Parmayoga institute since 1994. He has written several articles in different magazines and journals regarding these issues. He take interest in interpretation of different traditions of bhakti india.

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Dr.(Maj.) Rakesh kapur
MS(Opthalmology )/ eye surgeon

Senior consultant of yoga research projects.

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Rajesh Prabhakar

Senior Advisor


Professor Ram Murti

Professor of education in Delhi University

He has deep interest in poetry,different traditions in Hindi literature and he has written several articles in the realm of different stream of Hindi literature. He has deep interest in philosophical and upnishadic tradition of India. He’s associated with Parmayoga institute since 1995 and he has given valuable suggestions to maintain high tradition in Parmayoga institute.