Sri Kawaljeet Singh Yogi ( Kawal Yogi) He was born and brought up in the Himalayan Foothills of India. His parents were also deeply devoted towards yoga due to which it had a great influence on him too.

Kawal Yogi is recognized worldwide as an advanced yoga master& humantrian . Over the span of three decades, he has learnt traditional and modern yoga(Hatha, Ashtanga, Parma, Kundalini, Yin, Power, Flow, Dance and many more.), Ayurveda, Naturopathy at various ashrams, schools,and universities within India. He has mastered several deep meditation techniques from the Himalayan Yoga Gurus. Kawal Yogi also is a speacialist in stress management , curing chronic spinal aliments and alleviating depression caused by obesity.

His educational background in Yoga includes a Master’s Degree in Yoga and Meditation( bestowed upon him by the EX- President of Inida, Dr. APJ Kalam), a Post-Graduate Degree in Yoga, Diploma in Naturopathy, a Bachelor of Education Degree in Yoga from India. He has be endrosed by his Gurus/ Masters (the Great Himalayan Gurus, Rishis and Swamis under whose guidance he has learned and worked for many years) as a brilliant , dedicated and a upcoming Yoga master with the blessing of the Father of Figure of Yoga mahaharishi Patanjali also. His experience spans over more than three decades. As a Yoga teacher, he has organzied many yoga courses, camps, and workshops both in India and abroad including United States of America,Europe,Japan, china etc. He represented the National Yoga Championships and the All India Inter-University Yoga Championships as a team member thrice, and won the champion’s trophy on one of the ocassions.

Kawal Yogi was also nominated for the All India Yoga championships twice. In view of his outstanding achievements , he was designated as one of the Jury Members at the 1999 International Yoga Championship. He has 500hr-E-RYT ( experienced registered yoga teacher) from Yoga Alliance USA. More recently, Kawal Yogi has been associated with physicians worldwide in identifying yogic techniques to enhance immune resistance, decrease stress and alleviate respiratory distress. He strongly belives in assisting people in gaining inner strength and peace, enabling them to attain a healthy body with a strong immune¬-ressistance and mental tranquility to achieve higher goals in life.

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